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To minimize the gap between the demand and supply of cereals, oilseeds and pulses, intensive efforts are being made to increase their production. As ever-increasing population and urbanization cannot allow increase in the land area under the cultivation, yield per se need to be improved further. With the improvement of crop productivity through the adoption of high-yielding varieties and multiple cropping systems, fertilizer use has become more and more important to increase crops yield and quality. The shift towards the large scale use of high analysis fertilisers, nutrients other than N,P and K have shoot-up into prominence.
All crops need at least sixteen nutrients for their growth. S is now recognized as the fourth major plant nutrient after nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and is a proven “yield & quality” nutrient. Sulfur deficiencies are becoming widespread and crop removals are on the increase. Deficiencies have been reported from several states of India. A number of commonly available and used fertilizers contain 12-24% S which can be as useful as NPK on S deficient soils, is quiet often ignored. Giving due recognition to the sulfur component of different sources and putting it to work in S deficient areas will contribute towards higher agricultural production through balanced and efficient use of all applied nutrients. Research addressing improving sulfur use efficiency of rice cultivars has also been overshadowed by other major nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous.
This research bulletin has focused on the current status of sulfur in our soils and the management options to alleviate the field problems for sustainable rice based cropping systems. The information would be of great use and hope that will benefit scientists, extension workers, and the students.
IIRR Technical Book No. 85/2015
Correct citation:
B. Sreedevi, P.C. Latha, P. Hemasankari, T. Ram, V. Jhansilakshmi, D. Krishnaveni and Brajendra, (2015). Agronomic management of rice based cropping systems in sulfur deficient soils. Technical Book No. 85/2015. IIRR, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad – 500 030. Telangana., India. p. 57.
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